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Refinishing / Restoration of DURAFLEX Diving-boards

The factory refinishing is a result of highly developed technics. Non-skid materials are bonded to the aluminum with expoxy;
one of these materials works to reduce surface tension of water so that water doesn’t “stand high” on the board. No home remedy is satisfactory. When professionally refinished DURAFLEX diving-boards can be successfully restored up to 5 times.

The factory refinishing includes:

  • Removing old finish including corrosion
  • Chemical dip in a primer for new epoxy finish
  • Recoating the board with epoxy
  • Renewal of anti-slipping surface
  • Replacement of rubber channels, corner pieces and calibration strip
    acc. to price list


  • Replacement of the bolting section
    acc. to price list
  • Removal of non-factory coating
    additional costs depending on expenditure


  • approximately 4 weeks


  • europe-wide pick-up and delivery service
    price upon request