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DURAFLEX Diving-boards and Shortstands are being manufactured using only the finest materials and most accurate production-methods and are thoroughly checked before being shipped.
Therefore DURAFLEX grants a 12 month warranty starting at the date of purchase.
Material- or production faults showing within this time will be taken care of according to the following conditions:

  1. A warranty claim is only valid for defects which are proved to be caused by material- or production faults. It is our discretion whether to exchange, repair or replace with others the defect parts/equipment.
    The replaced parts will pass to our possession. Further claims are excluded.
    The warranty does not extend to any damages caused in the progress.
  2. Intervention by unauthorized persons, attempts of repair by third parties, arbitrary changes as well as faulty installation automatically render the warranty void.
  3. Excluded from this warranty are all damages which are caused by improper installation, improper care or failure to comply with the instruction manual; as well as accidents of any kind.
  4. The warranty does not include damages resulting from natural or operational wear and tear.
  5. Any warranty service does not extend the time warranty is granted nor is it ground for a new warranty on the replaced or repaired parts. All additional services require a separate agreement.
  6. Shipping, packing and possible insurance costs as well as damages by acts of god are to the expense of the buyer.
  7. All sales are final, and payments of damages and consequential damages are excluded.
  8. Should the Diving-boards be mounted on constructions other than the Originial DURAFIRM Short-stands the warranty expires immediately.
  9. The surface covering as well as any wearing parts are excluded from the warranty.

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Aurachtal, February 2013